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Drama China dengan genre historical romance ini tayang setiap Senin sampai Minggu di stasiun TV JSTV. Imperial Doctress yang ditulis oleh Jo Jung Hwa ini dibintangi oleh Wallace Huo dan Liu Shi Shi. Drama ini tayang dengan 45 menit di setiap episodenya. Drama ini tayang dengan 50 episode mulai dari 13 Februari 2016 dan berakhir pada 9 Maret 2016.

 Imperial Doctress - Full Episode drama korea

Armed with the Ming dynasty, this drama tells about the power of Emperor Zhu Qi Zhen (played by Wallace Huo) and Tan Yun Xian (played by Liu Shi Shi) who is a reliable and beautiful doctor in that era. Tan Yun Xian is famous for his intelligence and ambition with the medical world. Initially, Tan Yu Xian’s family was a prosecutor who served in the work but he preferred to pursue medicine and medicine rather than follow in the footsteps of his family. Despite the opposition from many parties, Tan Yu Xian continued to pursue what he liked. Gradually, Emperor Zhu Qi Zhen put his heart on him. Similarly, Prince Zhu Qi Yu (played by Huang Xuan)

This Chinese drama with the historical romance genre airs every Monday to Sunday on the JSTV TV station. The Imperial Doctress written by Jo Jung Hwa stars Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi. This drama airs with 45 minutes in each episode. In addition, the actresses and other actors also colored the storyline in this drama such as Deng Li Min who played Wang Zhen, Mickey Yuan who played Ye Xian, Li Cheng Yuan who played Xiao Zhuang Qian, and others. The drama airs with 50 episodes starting on February 13, 2016 and ending on March 9, 2016.


Casting The Imperial Doctress


Cecilia Liu
Cecilia Liu
 Huang Xuan
Huang Xuan
 Wallace Huo
Wallace Huo
Title:The Imperial Doctress
Genre :Medical, History, Romance
Cast:Cecilia Liu, Wallace Huo, Huang Xuan
Episode Number50 episode
Release13 February – 9 March 2016

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